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Date for Iceland on-site revised to be 4-12 November 2017.


ARENA on-site program in Alaska will be in Fairbanks and Kotzebue. See the On-site page for details.


The first ARENA on-site program will be March 19-26 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. See the On-site page for details.


An excellent list of candidates for the ARENA on-site program is developing. The slate, drawn from recommendations by the Arctic Council's Permanent Participants and Arctic States, and from applications via the ARENA website, will be reviewed by a selection committee representing all of the ARENA program co-leads.

All application packages (online application form, emailed resume, and emailed letter of endorsement) should be completed by midnight on December 9, in order to allow sufficient time for the committee to complete the selection process and send out notifications of the results by December 23.


Planning for the 2017 program is ongoing. Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.


Canada announces funding committed for onsite program in Yellowknife, Northwest Territory (March 2017).


Aleut International Association joins ARENA as a co-lead.


As a result of discussions with the Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group, the ARENA co-leads (US, Canada, Finland, Iceland, Gwich'in Council International) are working together to revise the approach for the onsite portion of the program. It is being re-designed to occur as three one-week sessions, each hosted at a different Arctic Nation or Permanent Participant location. The curriculum for the overall program will be defined and sequenced to take maximum advantage of the expertise and energy site visit opportunities available at each location. As a result, the Alaska-based ARENA onsite program has been re-scheduled to occur in the summer of 2017. 


Confirmation that personnel from outside the Arctic can apply to participate in the 2016 ARENA Onsite Program hosted by University of Alaska in mid/late summer of 2016.


Iceland joins ARENA as a co-lead, represented by the National Energy Authority in Iceland and the UN Geothermal Training Program.


Finland joins ARENA as a co-lead, represented by VTT.


State of Alaska commits $45,000 to support ARENA webinars development.


ARENA discussed by Arctic Council's Sustainable Development Working Group.