Who pays for what?

Participants will need to provide their own travel to and from all of the on-site locations (Yellowknife, N.W.T – March 2017; Fairbanks and Kotzebue, AK – June 2017; Reykjavik, Iceland – October 2017), perhaps with support from their employer, a local organization, etc. – the funding sources will likely be different for each individual.

If travel costs may create a hardship, please don't let that concern prevent you from applying - email us at uaf-arena@alaska.edu describing the situation (use "Help Needed – ARENA Travel Funds" as the subject) and let us know how to contact you so we can brainstorm about possible options available to you.

By the way, there will be several training and coordination sessions by phone and over the Internet before and after each onsite program (probably about 6-8 hours per month,). There isn't a cost associated with these sessions for the on-site program participants, other than the time that they invest in those interactions.

Once participants are at the onsite location, the host country will be responsible for all related travel, lodging, food and meeting expenses.

Is a University Degree a necessary requirement to apply?

We are encouraging individuals from all backgrounds to apply. A University Degree is not required. The primary criterion is to be, or expect in the near future to be, involved in a community-scale renewable energy project or initiative. We're anticipating that the group of participants will include individuals with many different kinds of training and experience.

I don’t have a project in mind, but I want to help my community. What can I do?

We strongly encourage you to have a specific project in mind before you apply. But, it's not a problem if you don't. The coaches and the program participants can help you consider the options and consult with your community to identify how you should focus your ARENA experience. If you think ARENA could help your community develop their local renewable energy resources and use diesel (or other fossil fuels) in a power plant more efficiently, please apply!

Is there an age limit to who can apply?

We are focusing on people who are at least 21 years old. There is no maximum age limit! We anticipate that the program would be of most benefit to people who have already spent several years in the workforce and who could benefit in the future from the knowledge, skills and relationships that they will build during their ARENA experience.

Am I committing to all of the different on-site sessions if I apply for this round, or do I need to apply separately to each one?

Yes, when you apply for ARENA, you are indicating you will commit to participate in all of the on-site sessions. The ARENA application is all you need to submit in order to apply for all of the on-site locations (Yellowknife, N.W.T – March 2017; Fairbanks and Kotzebue, AK – June 2017; Reykjavik, Iceland – October 2017).

Do I need a passport to participate?

Great question. Yes, since the onsite locations will involve international travel, a passport (valid through at least 31 March 2018) will be needed. Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa as well.