ARENA Webinar Series

The ARENA webinar series introduces viewers to the remote energy networks (microgrids) that provide power and heat across the Arctic.

The webinars are presented in English, and are packaged as self-contained modules that can be watched as streamed media or downloaded for off-line viewing. Examples and case studies are included from multiple Arctic locations for each topic.

Links to supporting materials are provided as applicable. Viewers can post comments and questions at each webinar's site.

Webinar Topics

Topic Availability
Remote Energy Networks in the Arctic

Introduction to ARENA program and overview of remote energy networks across the Arctic, with emphasis on integration of locally available renewable energy resources.

Diesel Power Plants

Attributes of diesel-fueled power generation systems for Arctic microgrids, including current experience with their operation and control when integrated with renewable energy resources.

Integrated Energy Perspectives — Heat Generation and Distribution (Part I)

Introduction to district heating systems, discussing their attributes, options, and benefits as either stand-alone or integrated elements of an overall community energy system

Integrated Energy Perspectives – Heat Generation and Distribution (Part II)

Approach for design of effective district heating systems, including requirements analysis, development of system-level architecture and component-specific attributes, and tools for predicting performance.

Variable Renewable Energy Resources in the Arctic —Solar

Discussion of Arctic-appropriate solar energy systems at community-scale power levels, addressing resource assessment considerations, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal options, and integration with other energy resources.

Variable Renewable Energy Resources in the Arctic — Wind

Discussion of Arctic wind energy resources, Arctic wind turbine technologies, Arctic-specific installation / integration challenges, and integration with other energy system elements.

Electrical Energy Storage

Key principles, technologies and in-field examples related to the integration of electrical energy storage with diesel and hybrid diesel / renewable-energy systems.